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Transportation to Alexandria Airport from the City Center

Borg El Arab Airport

The easiest ways to get to Borg El Arab International Airport from Alexandria city center are to take a taxi, use hotel shuttle service or rent a car. Since the traffic in Alexandria can be very heavy, you have to be careful and take the road a bit earlier in order not to miss your flight.


You can easily get to Borg El Arab International Airport in about 1 hour by getting on a taxi in the city center. It is suggested that you get on a familiar taxi or ask your hotel to call a reliable taxi for you. You should definitely agree on the fare before getting on a taxi. You can bargain.

Hotel Shuttle

Some hotels in Alexandria offer airport shuttle service for their guests. You can benefit from this service, which is safer than taxis, by making a reservation in advance.

Car Rental

If you have rented a car for your travel, you can arrive at Borg El Arab International Airport in maximum 1 hour under normal traffic conditions by following a straight route through Mehwar Al-Ta’ameir and turning left from the airport turnaround.

Airport Information

Alexandria International Airport is located 7 km southeast of Alexandria city center. Alexandria International Airport has been closed because of major renovations since 2013 and all traffic has been transferred to Borg El Arab International Airport which is located 40 km southeast of the city. Borg El Arab International Airport, which previously offered service for domestic flights and cargo aircrafts, has been undertaking airline traffic of Alexandria and Nile Delta since 2013.

In addition to the airplanes flying from Turkey, Central Asia and North Africa, cargo aircrafts also land at Borg El Arab Airport. The airport, which is located 40 km of Alexandria city center, has all fundamental facilities despite of not being a large airport. At the airport, there are many facilities such as a lounge, duty-free shop, various stores selling souvenirs and clothes and a few cafes.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2017

El Nouzha Airport

In order to get directly to El Nouzha Airport, which is only seven kilometers from the city center of Alexandria, you have to prefer private means of transportation as there are no direct means of public transportation. Therefore, you have to either take a taxi or use the transfer service of your hotel.


You can use the taxi to get directly from Alexandria city center, 7 seven kilometers from El Nouzha Airport, but remember that no flights are operated to this airport as of 2017. If the airport reopens to flights again in the future, you can reach El Nouzha Airport by taxi from Alexandria city in a maximum of 10 minutes.

Airport Information

El Nouzha International Airport, located in Alexandria, Egypt, served a total of over 1 million passengers in 2009. El Nouzha Airport, located seven kilometers south east of Alexandria city center, is closed since 2010, so all flights to and from here are routed to the Borg El Arab Airport, which is 40 kilometers southwest of Alexandria and has been the main airport of Alexandria since 2011. Some of the airline companies that have direct flights to Borg El Arab Airport are Turkish Airlines (Istanbul Atatürk), Saudia (Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh), Nile Air (Jeddah, Kuwait, Yanbu), FlyEgypt (Cairo, Dubai, Medina, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait), Aegean Airlines (Athens) and so on.

Last Updated: 09 Aug 2017

Transportation to Nairobi City Center from Airport

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is situated on the Nairobi River and is known as the most populous city in the East Africa. Nairobi is one of the major trade and tourism centers not only in Kenya but also in the Africa. Nairobi, which has arable lands because it is a river city, also has a different flora, which does not compromise the classical African city image that springs to your mind. That is why the city is named as Nairobi that means "green and watery place".

The city is also considered as the safari capital of Africa. The nightlife in the city, where people play and enjoy many different sports like golf, rugby, and polo, is very active but it is also dangerous. Traffic flows through the left lane in Nairobi. There are not enough traffic lights and traffic signs in the city. The drivers' careless attitudes, as well as the lack of infrastructure sometimes cause problems and congestion in traffic. This creates both traffic jam and increases traffic density.

Even short distances in Nairobi can take a long time. In fact, the city center is quite small and it is very convenient to explore the city by walking. However, it is not recommended to walk around the city for safety reasons. Even so, you can walk short distances if you are in a central location before it gets dark.

You can reach the tourist attractions or more rural areas, which are located both in and around the city center, by taking the minibuses called 'matatu'. These minibuses are run by private companies. The prices vary according to the distance you are going to travel. It would be useful for you to keep in mind that they are mostly quite crowded and you will possibly travel standing on the minibus.

The buses, which are more comfortable than matatus and have a capacity between 20 and 35 passengers, are another transportation option. These buses are also run by private companies and they are prohibited to exceed 80 km/h and to carry the passenger standing. Ticket price varies depending on the distance you will travel and it is fairly cheap. You should pay attention to your belongings such as bags, wallets and your pocket money against theft, as it applies to all public transportation options.

Taxis are very common throughout the city, but they are not very reliable in terms of price. Taximeters are not available in the taxis. If you have someone you know in the city, it would be better for you to negotiate with a driver they know. You can also ask your hotel to help you with this. In any case, you need to negotiate about your destination and bargain with the driver for taxi fare before taking a taxi. You should make the payment absolutely at the end of the journey. You can also take the taxi for the entire day.

Although the taxis are more comfortable than public transport, they also run in the heavy traffic of Nairobi. If time is important for you or if you don't want to stuck in traffic, you can try the motorcycle taxis that are called boda boda. You can call a boda boda whenever you need it by downloading an app to your smartphone. Your hotel can also help you with this.

Renting a car is mostly available at the airport, yet there are also the offices of car rental companies in the city center. Car rental is not preferred so often because of the car theft that is frequently experienced in heavy traffic in the city. Renting a car could be a good alternative to increase the comfort of your travel if your hotel has a parking area. Prices start from 4.000 Kenya Shillings per day. If you want, you can rent a car with a driver. From motorcycle to the minivan, there is a wide variety of options waiting for you. However, mostly off-road vehicles are preferred in the city, which is known as the homeland of the safari. There are offices of many private bus service companies at the main bus station in the city center and you can reach different cities from here if you want.

If you want to travel from Nairobi to Kampala, Uganda, or Mombasa, you can benefit from the trains that run three times a week from the main railway station. You can travel in the first-class and second-class compartments, which are also available with bed and meal, as well as you can also prefer the third-class wagons with standard seats. You can make a reservation and buy your ticket from the office on the way to the station. 1st and 2nd class passenger tickets are a little bit more expensive than intercity bus tickets, but 3rd class tickets are cheaper.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, located in the southeast of the city, serves for passengers who come from abroad and who will go abroad. Nairobi Wilson Airport (WIL), which is located in the south of the city center, mostly serves domestic flights. There is the third airport, which is completely surrounded and closed to civilian air traffic, in the north of the city.  Only military flights are arranged at this airport.

You can reach Nairobi city center from the airport by public transportation. It is possible to travel by bus and the minibuses called matatu at quite affordable prices even if they are less comfortable. Taxi service is available at the airport as an extremely comfortable means of transportation, but you need to be careful about taxi fare. If your hotel offers airport shuttle service, this is the most comfortable and safest alternative that you can take to reach the city center. Another comfortable way of transportation is to rent a car.


There are the bus stops in front of units 1 and 2 of the airport. You can go to the city center by buses that depart frequently during the day. The journey by bus takes about 45 minutes and the ticket price is 50 KES.

Hotel Shuttle Services

A number of the hotels located around the airport and in the city center offer airport shuttle services. You should contact your hotel in advance to take advantage of this service. Even if your hotel does not offer such a service, they can help you find an alternative for shuttle services.


You can take the advantage of the licensed taxis provided by the Kenatco Company from the taxi ranks right in front of the exit of the arriving passenger of the airport. These taxis are more reliable than the individual taxis you can hail on the road because they operate under a taxi company.

Transportation to the city center by taxi costs about 1500 KES, which is 20 US Dollars. You should bargain for the fare in advance. The journey takes about half an hour depending on the traffic.


If you prefer public transportation, you can benefit from this option as an alternative to the bus. The means of transportation runs like a minibus quite affordable, yet it is less comfortable. It is mostly preferred by locals; tourists don't prefer this option.

Rent a car

You can find the offices of various car rental companies at the airport. You can drive the rental car, as well as you can rent it with a driver. If you want to drive the car, you should keep in mind that the traffic flows on the left side and there are not enough traffic signs; you need to drive straight on A101 Mombasa road to reach the city center.

Airport Information

The airport, which bears the name of Kenya's first president, is located 16 kilometers in the southeast of the city. The airport serves in a single semicircle-shaped terminal with 3 units that are connected to each other by corridors. Units 1 and 2 serve for international arrivals and departures. Unit 3 serves for domestic passengers.

The airport has all basic services such as currency exchange office, ATM, post office, and safe deposit box. You can take advantage of the paid Wi-Fi service as well as the internet cafe at the departing passenger terminal. You can make last minute purchases from many stores where you can buy very different products. In addition, there are also sufficient amount of eating and drinking areas at the airport that offer the delicacies of local and foreign cuisines.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Alexandria-Nairobi flights?

When you search for Alexandria-Nairobi flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Alexandria-Nairobi flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Alexandria-Nairobi flights?

For Alexandria-Nairobi flights, you can use Borg El Arab Airport, El Nouzha Airport as departure airport, and Jomo Kenyatta Intl. Airport, Wilson Airport for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Alexandria-Nairobi and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Alexandria-Nairobi is 3684 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 4 hour 30 minutes.

Which day is the most convenient for Alexandria-Nairobi flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Alexandria-Nairobi flights is Thursday.

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