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Antarctica, located in the Southern Hemisphere, is a natural wonder that many people refer to as “one of the must-see places before dying.” This mesmerizing continent covered in ice is located in the south of Africa and Australia.

Antarctica, which is also the only continent with no countries on it, is surprisingly famous as one of the most droughty regions in the world. This is because it has not rained in some parts of the continent for millions of years.

Discovered by the explorer Charles Wilkes, the name of Antarctica is derived from the Greek word Antarktikos, which means "across the Arctic." In Antarctica, which has almost all the ice that exists on Earth, the ice is sometimes scattered over the surrounding seas.

In general, a very cold climate dominates over the continent throughout the year. Other than the freezing temperatures, the constant storms in Antarctica are also among the main factors designating the climate in the region. Throughout the continent, the temperature is measured at an average of -60 degrees in winter and -25 degrees in summer. There are no communities that live on the continent continuously throughout the year. On the other hand, at certain times of the year, the population approaches an average of around 5,000 with researchers from different countries around the world.

There are various extremely colorful living creatures in Antarctica, which is comprised of a large island and many surrounding islands along with ice masses in the Antarctic Circle. The continent also possesses 70% of the freshwater reserves across the world.

It is predicted that if Antarctica melts completely due to the warming weather, with the effect of global warming, the water level in the seas will rise substantially. For this reason, it is estimated that areas below the sea level in some regions of the earth will be flooded and life in these regions will be affected negatively.

Antarctica is not officially affiliated with any country and does not have a valid official language and currency. You do not need a visa to travel to Antarctica since it is not affiliated with a country. It is possible to reach the continent by transfer through Chile or New Zealand.

Touristic trips are organized to Antarctica during the summer. By joining one of these trips, you can travel in company of views that you will never forget all your life and explore the mysterious world of Antarctica.

To visit Antarctica, you can prefer planes departing from New Zealand or cruise ships carrying passengers from Chile to this unique world covered in ice. In addition to the magnificent snow views on the continent, there are also cute penguins waiting for you.

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