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About Bulgaria

Located in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria, officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria, shares its borders with Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey. It also has a coastline along the Black Sea. The country's capital and largest city is Sofia. Bulgaria is among the less populated countries in Europe, with a population of about 7 million people. The official language is Bulgarian, and the country is a member of the European Union, using the Bulgarian Lev as its currency. Despite its complex history marked by various empires and influences, Bulgaria today is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and as a peaceful and orderly nation in Europe.
The Danube River, forming a significant portion of Bulgaria's northern border, is the country's most important river. The Black Sea coast is a major tourist destination and an economically vibrant area in Bulgaria. The climate in Bulgaria is diverse, with a temperate continental climate inland and a milder, Mediterranean influence along the Black Sea coast. Winters can be cold, with average temperatures around 2 Celcius degrees, while summers are warm, averaging Celcius degrees.
Bulgaria's diverse economy encompasses agriculture, heavy industry, and energy production. In recent years, Bulgaria has also gained recognition for its information technology and software development advancements.
While Bulgarian is the predominant language, Turkish, Romani, and English are also widely spoken. The religious landscape is predominantly Eastern Orthodox Christian, with significant Muslim, Protestant, and Catholic minorities.
The best time to visit Bulgaria is during the summer for its warm weather and vibrant cultural festivals. Key events include the Rose Festival in Kazanlak in June, the Koprivshtitsa Folklore Festival in August, and the Sofia Film Festival in March, offering rich experiences for culture and art enthusiasts.
Culinary adventurers in Bulgaria should try traditional dishes like "banitsa," a savory pastry, and "shopska salata," a fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese. Bulgaria is also known for its quality wines and "rakia," a traditional fruit brandy. Visitors can indulge in a variety of breads, cheeses, and meat dishes, as well as seafood delicacies along the Black Sea coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Bulgaria airfares?

When you search for flights to Bulgaria, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can take off from. You can see all Bulgaria flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

Which airlines have flights to Bulgaria?

Israir Airlines, Wizz Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, FlyCAA, El Al Israel Airlines, Qatar Airways, BUZZ, Pegasus, Flydubai, Tarom, Getjet Airlines, Air Serbia, Ryanair, Eurowings, Icaro, Air India, Bulgaria Air, BHAir, Bulgarian Air Charter organize flights to Bulgaria.

To which Bulgaria cities are there direct flights from the USA?

Bulgaria cities with direct flights from the USA: Burgas, Sofia, Varna.

Which airlines have direct flights to Bulgaria?

Airlines that offer direct flights to Bulgaria: Israir Airlines, Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, FlyCAA, El Al Israel Airlines, Qatar Airways, BUZZ, Flydubai, Ryanair, Air Serbia, LOT Polish Airlines, BHAir, Bulgaria Air, Bulgarian Air Charter.

Which are the most popular Bulgaria airports?

The most popular airports in Bulgaria: Burgas, Sofia, Varna.

Which are the most popular Bulgaria cities?

Most popular Bulgaria cities: Burgas, Sofia, Varna.