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Bhutan is an Asian country which is located between China and India. Established at the foothills of the Himalayas and having with a very mountainous terrain, Bhutan is ruled by absolute monarchy. The country's northern plains exhibit a tropical climate, while other parts have a colder climate. Storms and heavy rainfall can occur throughout the year. Summer is the best period to visit Bhutan since the winter months are very cold.

Bhutan left the barter system in the 70s and switched to the shopping system with money. The country has many different export sources such as rice, dairy products, lumber and cement.

Gangkhar Puensum, which is the peak of Kula Kangri, is one of the largest peaks of the world. However, climbing is not allowed as the mountain is considered to be sacred. But there are many different peaks that you can prefer for climbing. Tiger's Nest Monastery is located on a mountain peak, and Bhutan visitors are strongly advised to see it. You can also visit the interesting temples in Punakha and enjoy rafting in the river if you wish. Nozillam Square, which is located in the capital Timpu, is also worth seeing.

In Bhutan, it is possible to see the effects of the widespread religious belief Buddhism on the whole country. In the country, that facts that people do not use surnames, people's happiness is mentioned in the country's constitution, smoking is forbidden, and they met technology only a quarter of a century ago continue to surprise the guests of Bhutan.

The country's cuisine mostly consists of rice and noodle dishes. Archery is the most important sports branch of Bhutan. There are many fields where you can enjoy this sport. In order to obtain a visa, you need to consult a travel agency licensed by the government. If your request is evaluated positively after paying the visa fee through the agency and making your application, your passport is stamped at the border with the approval number given to you.

Bhutan has only one international airport and can only be accessed by local Drukair flights. Therefore, it is necessary to transfer from a limited number of cities such as Delhi, Kathmandu and Bangkok with this airline.

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