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Cocos Islands, also known as the Keeling Islands, are an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. With a total area of 14 square kilometers, Cocos Islands are located in Southeast Asia, in the south of Indonesia, in the middle of the Indian Ocean and in the southeast of the Asian continent. The currency used in the country, whose official language is English and Malay, is Australian Dollar. Cocos (Keeling) Islands, which were discovered by Captain William Keeling in 1609 and named after this explorer, consist of two regions, as West Island and Home Island, and 27 different islands. The capital of the country is West Island.

The two main ethnic groups living Cocos Islands, which has a total population of 596 as of the 2009 census, are Europeans and Cocos Malays. While the majority of Europeans live on the West Island, Malays live on the Home Island. Other important islands are Horsburg Island, North Keeling Island and South Island. Trade, fishery, agriculture and tourism constitute a large part of the country's economy. Import and export are also highly developed here. Due to the abundance of coconuts on the island, dried and fresh coconuts are the first two basic products of export.

Other sources of living that contribute significantly to the country's economy are small farms which generate income from fishing and agriculture. Almost all of import products are food items. Diving trips, motorized canoe safaris and Pulu Keeling National Park trips are among the most popular activities in its tourism sector which is one of the most basic livelihood of Cocos Islands. Transportation to Cocos Islands is easy. There is also an airport serving to Cocos Islands. This also contributes to the increase in the income coming from tourism. Two different seasons are experienced on Cocos Islands whose vegetation mostly consists of coconut trees. Although it is windy between April-May and September, it is rainy between March and January. Cocos Islands, where the average temperature is neither too high nor too low, is also a very convenient destination for tourism.

Most of the festivals organized here take place in busy seasons. Many of the festivals are organized based on water sports activities and competitions. The most famous of these festivals is the swimming competition between Home Island and West Island, which takes place in a carnival atmosphere. Moreover, competitions and festivals, which are home to different cultural activities, are organized on some special days.

Almost all of the traditional dishes that you can see here belong to the Malay cuisine. Most of the most delicious dishes in traditional Malay cuisine are made from rice, noodle, pepper, chicken, veal, lamb and white meat and served with spices. All of the dishes in the country, where there are a wide variety of salads in its kitchen, are made with organic and healthy cooking methods.

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