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7 hour 10 min
Top destinationsPraia
Most popular airlineAir SenegalMost popular airportNelson Mandela Intl. Airport
About Cape Verde-Republic Of

Cape Verde is an archipelago consisting of 10 islands and 8 islets in the Atlantic Ocean. Its largest islands are Santiago, Santo Antao and Boa Vista. Santiago Island is also home to the country's capital city Praia.

Cape Verde, which was discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, used as a center of harbor and slave trade and became independent in 1975, is still economically dependent on Portugal today.

The local people also speak the local language Creole, but the official language of the country is Portuguese. Natural resources and precipitation are low in Cape Verde. In the country with a warm climate, there is mostly drought. Due to inappropriate weather conditions, agriculture is not much conducted, and most of the food products are imported. Fishing, on the other hand, is common.

If you visit Cape Verde, you can taste a variety of fresh ocean fish. Lobster is the most recommended seafood for the visitors of this country. In addition, you can find various tastes from different cuisines, especially the Italian cuisine. Cape Verde hosts the Sao Vicente Creole Carnival, which is similar to the Rio Carnival, in February every year. Music festival is held in May and on the full moon day of August.

Cape Verde is composed of extinguished volcanic mountains in general, but today Fogo Volcano is still active. If you wish, you can participate in volcanic mountain discovery tours. There are also trekking tours. The underwater world is also very rich, and many different bird species live here. Scuba diving and snorkeling tours are also organized for visitors who want to explore this world. Povo Palace and Jardim Botanical Garden are also among the must-see places in the country.

Although August and October are the precipitation periods of the country, it has always a warm and sunny atmosphere for the remaining ten months of the year. The best time to visit the country is the period between May and November. Tourism is also developing day by day.

The country, which has very beautiful beaches and clear waters, is among the alternatives that you can choose for your holiday. You can find the most budget-friendly and advantageous flight ticket opportunities for traveling to this beautiful island by visiting our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Cape Verde-Republic Of airfares?

When you search for flights to Cape Verde-Republic Of, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can take off from. You can see all Cape Verde-Republic Of flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

Which airlines have flights to Cape Verde-Republic Of?

SATA International, Royal Air Maroc, Air Senegal, Turkish Airlines, Transavia France, TAP Portugal, Asky, TUI fly, Neos, Etihad Airways, Air Burkina organize flights to Cape Verde-Republic Of.

To which Cape Verde-Republic Of cities are there direct flights from the USA?

Cape Verde-Republic Of cities with direct flights from the USA: Boa Vista Island, Praia, Sal Island, Sao Vicente Island.

Which airlines have direct flights to Cape Verde-Republic Of?

Airlines that offer direct flights to Cape Verde-Republic Of: SATA International, Air Senegal, Transavia France, Asky, TUI fly, Neos.

Which are the most popular Cape Verde-Republic Of airports?

The most popular airports in Cape Verde-Republic Of: Aristides Pereira Intl., Nelson Mandela Intl., Amilcar Cabral Intl., Cesaria Evora.

Which are the most popular Cape Verde-Republic Of cities?

Most popular Cape Verde-Republic Of cities: Boa Vista Island, Praia, Sal Island, Sao Vicente Island.