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Christmas Island, which is an Australian territory, is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Flying Fish Cove, which is the largest and most developed settlement on the island, is also the capital of Christmas Island and home to the country's most important port. The official language of the island is English.

Tropical rains are seen in the country between November and April, but the average temperature is measured around 27 degrees throughout the year and does not show significant changes.

Tropical forests occupy a significant place on the island. The island is home to a variety of insects, reptiles and seabirds as well as a large number of crabs, and the island is also known as the ‘Red Crab Island’ because of the island-specific red crabs. If you visit the Christmas Island during the migration time of the red crabs, which are considered among the natural wonders of the world by ecologists, you can experience unforgettable moments.

Snorkeling and scuba diving tours are also organized on the island almost every period of the year. Numerous seabird species live on the island, and Christmas Island is considered to be a sanctuary by birdwatchers. Trekking tours are very entertaining and offer adventurous moments on the island, which is very rich not only in terms of animal diversity but also flora.

Although phosphate mining forms the basis of Christmas Island's economy, tourism is also developing day by day. Christmas Island, which is a coral island, has clear waters, hidden bays and beautiful beaches.

There is only one airport on the island, and there are only reciprocal flights to Perth, Australia. You can find the most budget-friendly flight tickets to Christmas Island by visiting our website; if you wish, you can compare flight alternatives and buy your ticket within minutes.

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