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Guadeloupe, located in the Caribbean Sea, is a French overseas territory comprising two major islands and several smaller islets. While the country's economy involves agriculture, fishing, and light industry, tourism forms the cornerstone. Guadeloupe boasts unique beauty with its stunning beaches and clear waters.
The country experiences a subtropical climate, with high humidity throughout the year and temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. Hurricanes can occur between June and November, making this period unsuitable for tourist excursions. The active Soufrière Volcano is a prominent feature in the country.
Local flavors dominate the cuisine, but French influences are also prevalent. Visitors can savor a variety of seafood and indulge in tropical fruits.
Traffic in Guadeloupe can be dense and fast-paced, requiring careful navigation. However, the country is generally considered safe. Visitors can engage in numerous activities, including scuba and snorkeling tours, boat trips, canoeing, and surfing, as well as nature walks, biking, golf, and fishing.
Guadeloupe features beautiful natural parks and forests. Exploring these attractions can be done via rented ATVs or off-road vehicles, or by joining nature hikes. Nature enthusiasts should not miss the Botanical Garden. Additionally, Carbet Waterfall is a notable site, along with the Guadeloupe Aquarium and Guadeloupe Zoo. Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin National Park, La Désirade National Park, and Marie-Galante National Park are also must-visit places. Sports play a significant role in island life, with football being the most important sport for the local population.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Guadeloupe airfares?

When you search for flights to Guadeloupe, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can take off from. You can see all Guadeloupe flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

Which airlines have flights to Guadeloupe?

Air Transat, Winair, Corsair, Air France, Air Caraibes organize flights to Guadeloupe.

To which Guadeloupe cities are there direct flights from the USA?

Guadeloupe cities with direct flights from the USA: Pointe A Pitre , Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin.

Which airlines have direct flights to Guadeloupe?

Airlines that offer direct flights to Guadeloupe: Air Transat, Corsair, Air France, Air Caraibes, Winair.

Which are the most popular Guadeloupe airports?

The most popular airports in Guadeloupe: Pointe A Pitre Intl. | Le Raizet, Gustaf III, Grand Case Esperance.

Which are the most popular Guadeloupe cities?

Most popular Guadeloupe cities: Pointe A Pitre , Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin.

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