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Nauru, located in Oceania, south of the Equator, is known as the world's smallest island country, covering an area of 21 square kilometers. Approximately 10,000 people inhabit Nauru, making it one of the least populous countries globally.
Inhabited by Micronesians and Polynesians around 3,000 years ago, the country was home to 12 tribes in the past, symbolized by the 12-pointed star on Nauru's official flag. Nauru gained independence in 1968 and is a republic. It is administratively divided into 14 regions: Aiwo, Anabar, Anetan, Anibare, Baiti, Boe, Buada, Denigomodu, Ewa, Ijuw, Meneng, Nibok, Uaboe, and Yaren, with administrative offices located in Yaren.
While Nauru doesn't have a regular military force, its police maintain law and order, and the country receives defense and international security support from Australia. The majority of the population is Nauruan, with other Pacific Islanders, Chinese, and Europeans residing in the country. Christianity is the predominant religion, and Nauruan is the official language, though English is also spoken.
With a 30-kilometer coastline, the highest point is Command Ridge at 71 meters. Nauru experiences a tropical climate with rainfall between November and February. The coastal areas boast beautiful beaches, suitable for both tourists and agriculture. Tropical fruits, coconuts, and vegetables are grown, and fishing is prevalent.
Diverse coral life in the sea makes diving a popular sport, attracting tourists. Nauru's economy relies on guano reserves, rich in potassium and phosphate, produced by seabird droppings. Nauru is one of the three largest phosphate sources in the Pacific Ocean, exporting phosphate to Australia and New Zealand. The country also imports goods from Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and Japan, including food, petroleum, industrial products, construction materials, and machinery.
In Nauru's cuisine, spiced meat and fish dishes are common, with sesame beef being a notable dish. For those who may not fancy Nauruan cuisine, the island's restaurants offer alternatives such as pizza or hamburgers. The official currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD), and access to the country is through Nauru International Airport.

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