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Located in the Middle East, Palestine is an Arab state with bordering neighbors Egypt and Israel. The nation achieved its independence on November 15, 1988, and is formally acknowledged by numerous countries, such as China, Russia, India, and Turkey. However, except for Sweden, no European country extends official recognition to Palestine.
Today, Palestine has control over territories only in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Other regions are under Israeli control. Palestine operates under a semi-presidential system and a parliamentary democracy constitution. While the official language is Arabic, Hebrew is spoken by Jews in the country. 
The country has a mild climate, its most important regions are considered to be East Jerusalem, Ramallah in the West Bank, and Gaza in the Gaza Strip. Other significant cities include Jerusalem, Jaffa, Nablus, and Acre. In Gaza, located 4 kilometers inland from the Mediterranean coast, residents rely on underground water sources for drinking, irrigation, and daily use.
Yasser Arafat Airport and Ben Gurion Airport provide access to Gaza. Gaza offers attractions such as the Grand Mosque, Ibn Othman Mosque, Napoleon's Castle, St. Porphyrus Church, and the Gaza Archaeological Museum. Another significant region in Palestine is Jerusalem, considered sacred by Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It hosts the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Western Wall. Unlike Gaza, Jerusalem stands out with its vibrant nightlife, featuring numerous nightclubs.
Palestine's economy relies on industrial and agricultural sectors. Palestine trades with countries like Jordan, Turkey, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, exporting products like stone, cement, plastic goods, iron and steel, olives, vegetables, and fruits, while importing petroleum products, plastic materials, machinery, and grains. 
Palestine has a rich culinary culture that combines flavors from Asia, Europe, Ethiopia, Jewish cuisine, the Mediterranean, Taiwan, and Lebanese cuisine. Cooking techniques, ingredients, and preferences vary by region. For example, in Galilee, rice and kibbeh (stuffed meatballs) are more common, while in the West Bank, you'll find heavier dishes with taboon bread, rice, and meat. Sweetened cheeses, dates, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are commonly used in Palestinian desserts.
Due to the intense heat in July and August, it's recommended to visit Palestine in the other months.

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