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Saint Helena Island, a British Overseas Territory, is known as being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with no borders or connections to any land.
The historic house where the British exiled and imprisoned Napoleon, one of history's most famous figures, still stands on the island today as a preserved site. Being a volcanic island, Saint Helena faces economic challenges due to less fertile lands for agriculture.
Two ports used for distributing products from British factories in the country, along with fishing, constitute the main sources of income for the national economy.
Situated in the middle of Brazil to the west, Angola to the east, and Namibia, Saint Helena Island is described as a country with weak global connections. The country experiences a temperate and tropical maritime climate, with temperatures ranging between 21 to 28 degrees Celsius during the summer and averaging between 17 to 24 degrees Celsius in other seasons. Although Saint Helena generally has a warm climate, occasional rain and hurricanes can occur.
Jamestown, serving as the capital on Saint Helena Island, hosts numerous visitors due to Longwood House, the residence where Napoleon was kept captive. The central location of Longwood House in Jamestown makes it a popular attraction. The Jacob's Ladder Steps, consisting of 699 white stones, provide a surprising experience for visitors at the end of trekking tours in the mountainous capital. The Wharf area, famous for its beaches, and Broadway House Museum, catering to history enthusiasts, are other significant places to visit in the country.
March, considered sacred for Saint Helenians, is celebrated as Maritime Awareness Month throughout the country. Participating in activities organized around the ocean, children and adults have fun while being reminded of the importance of nature and ocean conservation.
Nature walks, concluding with photography contests for enthusiasts, award the best photograph specially recognized.
Saint Helena's cuisine avoids dairy products and mainly relies on vegetables and fish. Particularly, tuna and wahoo fish are commonly consumed, often served with a regional rice dish for those wanting to savor these flavors.

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