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Transportation to Sharm El Sheikh Airport from the City Center

Sharm El Sheikh, which hosts millions of tourists each year, is known to be one of the most visited cities of Egypt. If you are thinking of traveling to this city, which is also known as the "city of peace" because of the large number of International Peace Conferences hold in the city, you can fly to Sharm El Sheikh Airport. Sharm El Sheikh is located on the easternmost part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

The most popular areas that you can visit in this city having a coastline on the Red Sea are the Soho Square, Old Market, Hay el Nour, Hadaba, Rowaysat and Montazah regions in addition to Nabq and Naama bays. With a small surface area and low population density, the city has very limited public transportation facilities.

If you want, you can reach many places in the city by using minibuses. Taxi is a more preferred option than others. IF you wish, you can also rent a car. To get to the airport from your location, using a taxi or renting a car are among the best options.

If you want your travel to be more affordable, you can take advantage of minibuses that will take you to the airport. It is useful to say that this transportation option is not comfortable.


You can reach the airport by using these minibuses departing from the city center. These vehicles take passengers to the area very close to the Terminal 1 in about fifteen minutes. However, their departure times can take up to twenty minutes under normal conditions because the driver waits until the vehicle is full of passengers. So, traveling with minibuses when there is no crowd may not be the right option.

The only public transportation option in Sharm El Sheikh is minibuses. There are two minibus routes in the city. Both routes pass through the Old Market. The first route pass through Hadaba, the second route moves in the direction of Nabq. Traveling by minibus is a very affordable option. However, the vehicles are moving very slowly and you often wait for long minutes for passengers.


The taxi is a comfortable option for your travel to the airport; moreover, it is much more economical compared to the other cities in Europe. Before getting on any taxi, we advise you to pay attention that the vehicle is blue and white and there is a taxi sign on it. As these are registered vehicles, they are safer than other taxis. In addition, you can also choose to use the hotel taxis. You may witness that the taximeters of many vehicles do not work. Some drivers may ask for higher fares. To prevent this, we advise you to agree with the taxi driver about the fare.

Car Rental

Car rental is another option you can choose for a comfortable travel. You can rent your car from the car rental office in the city or make an online reservation before your flight.

Airport Information

Sharm El Sheikh Airport, which is known as Egypt's second largest airport, has two terminals as international and domestic. The third terminal is already under construction. Despite of being less than many other international airports, you can find a few cafes and restaurants at Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

When it comes to shopping stores, you have more options. You can visit many shops for buying souvenirs or outlets for finding affordable products. In addition to these, the Duty-Free shops are also located in the terminal where you can buy many high-quality products at affordable prices. You can also access the internet at the airport.

Last Updated: 30 Jul 2017

Transportation to Baguio City Center from Airport

Loakan Airport, which is located near the city of Baguio in Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia consisting of many islands, is generally home to international flights organized reciprocally with the Australian cities. Passengers who want to travel to the city center from Loakan Airport can reach the center by choosing one of the different transportation alternatives such as car rental, taxi or transfer vehicle offered by private companies. The distance between the airport and city center is not very long. In this way, you can easily and quickly travel to the city center regardless of which vehicle you choose.


You can easily find a taxi in front of the terminal and comfortably travel to the city center in a short time. Taxis carrying passengers to the city center from Loakan International Airport are comfortable and have large baggage capacity. If you choose a taxi for your transportation, you can arrive at your destination in the city center in a short time. It is generally not possible to bargain on the fare but you can talk to the driver in advance and travel to your destination after agreeing on a fare.  

Car Rental

You can comfortably and quickly travel to the city center by renting a car at or around the Loakan Airport. There are many local car rental companies offering service at and around the airport. By choosing one of these companies, you can complete the rental process in a short time and receive your car in front of the terminal. When you take the road from the airport, you can reach the city center in minutes by following the Baguio direction signs. You can also travel to other regions comfortably if you choose this transportation option. You can more easily find a car according to your needs and budget if you make a reservation in advance by getting in contact with one of the car rental companies. In this way, you can receive your car in a short time without losing time and travel to the city center in a short time.

Private Shuttle

One of the most comfortable transportation alternatives that crowded groups or passengers with heavy luggage prefer for travelling to the city center from the airport is private shuttle. The amount you need to pay for this vehicle varies depending on certain criteria such as the vehicle selection, travel season and total number of passengers but it doesn’t increase too much. Private shuttles offer service with private drivers and take passengers to anywhere they want. If you will travel to Baguio and other regions from the airport as a group, you can decrease the amount you will pay by choosing a larger vehicle and have a more budget-friendly travel.

Last Updated: 07 Aug 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio flights?

When you search for Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio flights?

For Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio flights, you can use Sharm El Sheikh Intl. Airport as departure airport, and Loakan Airport for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio is 8809 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 11 hour .

Which day is the most convenient for Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Sharm El Sheikh-Baguio flights is Monday.

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