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San Marino, established by Christian monks who sought refuge from torture and oppression during the Roman Empire, is recognized as the world's oldest republic. This small nation relies on tourism, casinos, and ceramics production for its economy. Its population includes Italians, Germans, and Scandinavian descendants who have lived in the region for centuries. Situated in the imposing and high areas of the Apennine Mountains, San Marino is surrounded by Italian territory on all sides, with no other neighbors.
Due to the Mediterranean climate, the country experiences hot summers and cool, windy winters with minimal rainfall. Snow or cold temperatures are almost impossible to encounter throughout the year. The lowest temperature averages around 5 degrees Celsius, while summer temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.
The capital city, San Marino, stands out as a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its remarkable old town. While there, you should explore the Three Towers, and the Public Palace, which served as the center of governance in ancient times. Dogana, the largest city in the country, and Montegiardino, known for its natural beauty, are other notable settlements in San Marino.
San Marino hosts the San Marino Motorcycle Grand Prix, a global event that attracts racing enthusiasts every June. Additionally, the Medieval Days event, held annually in July, brings the terrifying aspects of the Middle Ages to life through reenactments of torture and oppression, explaining why and under what conditions San Marino was founded.
In San Marino, which has fully embraced Italian cuisine, you can savor spaghetti and pizza, as delicious as those in Rome. Visitors to the Three Towers area in the capital can also taste the exquisite Torta de Tre Monti, a chocolate cake produced exclusively in this region. San Marino is known for its alcohol production, including its unique beer and homemade wines, which are highly appreciated by tourists.

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