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Tokelau, located on three tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean, is a country that maintains its political and economic ties with New Zealand today. Tokelau is the only country in the world where renewable energy is fully utilized and successful, with American investments in this field growing and gaining momentum. In Tokelau, where the production and export of food and construction materials form the backbone of the economy, Polynesians and indigenous New Zealanders live together.
Situated in the South with American Samoa as its neighbor and in the West with maritime connections to Tuvalu, Tokelau experiences the effects of a tropical climate. The temperatures, averaging around 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, are not oppressive due to low humidity. Authorities suggest that the most suitable time for those wanting to visit the country is between April and October. Occasionally, coastal areas may experience storms leading to unfortunate events.
The three coral atolls with the same name as the country, providing visitors with a unique visual spectacle through their unique lagoons, lakes, and oceanfront beaches, have become areas of interest for tourists. Atafu captivates with its tourist spots and natural beauties, while Nukunonu attracts attention with its historical structures and large forests.
Fakaofo, the most preferred by tourists, is known as the most developed urban area in the country. In Tokelau, where boat tours and all kinds of water sports are easily accessible along the coast, nature walks and marathons are organized with significant participation.
The fun-loving Tokelau people enjoy lively evenings with music and dance shows in the streets until the wee hours. Tokelau, with its sea, wonderful beaches, and enjoyable holidays, continues to welcome guests from all over the world with its projects for tourists.
In the Tokelau cuisine, where fish and meat dishes gain flavor in skillful hands, we recommend trying the drink named Kavela made from coconut milk. In Tokelau, where you can find various types of vegetable and meat dishes in addition to seafood, tropical and extraordinary fruits may surprise you.

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