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The country known as the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste or simply East Timor is located in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Indian Ocean. The capital, which is also one of the largest and most developed cities in East Timor, is Dili.
In East Timor, besides the Tetum language, Portuguese and several local languages are spoken. The population of East Timor is just over 1 million according to the latest counts.
The name "East Timor" in Tetum means "rising sun" or "east of the world." It is estimated that the people living in the country migrated here from Southeast Asia, China, and Australia.
In history, East Timor was under the rule of Portugal and, for a period, Indonesia. Later, it separated from Indonesia to become an independent state. Timor, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, is also known as the largest in this island group. The western border of the country is formed by Indonesia, while other parts are surrounded by the ocean.
The entire land of East Timor experiences a tropical climate. There are two distinct seasons in the country: a rainy season and a dry season. Temperatures generally range between 30-35 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Especially in higher altitudes, night temperatures can be low. If you plan to visit such places, it's advisable to bring jackets for cooler nights.
Almost the entire population of East Timor is Catholic. Although limited in number, people are adhering to other religious beliefs such as Protestantism, Islam, and Buddhism.
The economy of East Timor relies on the trade of fruits and vegetables grown in limited areas and sandalwood. Economically, East Timor is known as one of the most challenging countries globally, and disputes with Indonesia have further harmed the country.
Apart from the colorful beaches and exciting streets, East Timor offers delicious dining options influenced mainly by European and Far Eastern cuisines. In addition to tropical fruits, the Timorese cuisine, dominated by beans, cowpeas, spinach, chicken, and pork, provides the opportunity to try various flavors.
Various fish and seafood caught along the shores are considered both healthy and tasty delights in East Timor. As desserts, coconut, pineapple, and banana are used both fresh and cooked.
Referred to among the locals as "Crocodile Island," East Timor's main concerns include various epidemic diseases and cleanliness. It is crucial to undergo a medical check-up and get vaccinated, especially for diseases like dengue fever and malaria, before visiting the country. Also, it is recommended not to drink tap water in the country.

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