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About Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan, one of the Central Asian Turkic republics, is a rapidly developing country in the heart of Asia. The capital city, Ashgabat, is one of the most advanced cities in Turkmenistan and the region.
With a population of nearly 6 million, Turkmenistan's official language and the most widely spoken one is Turkmen. The official currency is the Manat but in Ashgabat, you can easily use euros or US dollars for transactions.
Sharing borders with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and Iran, and with a coastline along the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan mainly consists of arid lands. Much of the country is covered by deserts and other arid landscapes, with the Karakum Desert being the largest, while limited agriculture occurs in some places. The country experiences varying temperatures throughout the year.
In winter, temperatures can drop as low as -30 degrees Celsius, while in summer, many regions record temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.
The vast majority of the population in Turkmenistan is of Turkmen origin. Other ethnic groups, such as Uzbeks and Russians, are present in much smaller numbers.
The country's primary economic resources include oil, minerals, and cotton. Turkmenistan has petroleum processing facilities and a significant textile industry. Natural gas is provided free of charge in Turkmenistan. As one of the world's largest natural gas and oil producers, the country exports these resources abroad. 

Aside from the capital, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan is home to cities like historic Merv and Turkmenbashi, which attract local and international visitors. Merv is one of the oldest Turkmen tribal cities, making it a popular tourist destination throughout the year, except for the scorching summers and freezing winters. The spring months are ideal for visiting Turkmenistan.
Turkmenistan's cuisine reflects the rich culture of Central Asia. You can explore various meat and vegetable dishes, including rice-based ones like pilaf. Inland areas feature lamb and beef dishes, while coastal regions along the Caspian Sea offer a variety of fish and seafood. For breakfast people prefer eggs, cheese, honey, and jams made from various fruits using traditional methods.
Tea holds a special place in Turkmenistan's culture. Mixing green tea with various dried fruits is a common practice for enjoying tea during breakfast or other times of the day, carrying on a longstanding tradition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Turkmenistan airfares?

When you search for flights to Turkmenistan, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can take off from. You can see all Turkmenistan flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

Which airlines have flights to Turkmenistan?

Turkish Airlines, Flydubai, S7 Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines, Emirates, Uzbekistan Airways organize flights to Turkmenistan.

To which Turkmenistan cities are there direct flights from the USA?

Turkmenistan cities with direct flights from the USA: Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi.

Which airlines have direct flights to Turkmenistan?

Airlines that offer direct flights to Turkmenistan: Turkish Airlines, Flydubai, S7 Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines.

Which are the most popular Turkmenistan airports?

The most popular airports in Turkmenistan: Ashgabat Intl., Turkmenbashi Intl..

Which are the most popular Turkmenistan cities?

Most popular Turkmenistan cities: Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi.