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About Adelaide

Adelaide is located on Australia's southern coast. The capital of the state of South Australia, it is the fifth largest city in the country. St. Adelaide is located on the coast of the St. Vincent Gulf, and is one of the most planned cities of the country. 
The city is known as 'Australia's Capital of Culture'. Between 2002 and 2004 the UK's world-renowned financial magazine The Economist ranked Adelaide as one of the "World's Most Livable Cities" thanks to its ease of transport, cultural facilities, excellent city planning, and abudance of nature and parks. The city's parks and beaches, as well as the surrounding countryside, have an excellent reputation within Australia. The Art Gallery of South Australia, South Australian Museum, Adelaide Botanic Garden, Immigration Museum, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Victoria Square, Mount Lofty, Murray Bridge are just some of the places to visit when in the city. In addition, the opal mining town of Coober Peddy, with its unique underground homes, also attracts the attention of many tourists.  
The city was founded as a British colony in 1836. By 1840 Adelaide was already a thriving municipality, and in 1919 it gained metropolitan status. This growth was enabled in part by the favorable and fertile farmland surrounding the city, where grains, vegetables, fruit, and vineyards were grown. The city, which also enjoys natural and mineral reserves, is a major center for the automotive, machinery, textile and chemical industries. There are also 2 oil treatment plants near Port Noarlunga.
Adelaide has a steppe climate. It recieves only a small amount of rainfall during the year. Adelaide Airport is 6 km west of the city.

Transportation to Adelaide City Center from Airport


Adelaide Airport

Australia's fifth largest city Adelaide is a city worth seeing with its modern architecture and luxurious entertainment venues. Passengers who want to get here can travel to Adelaide International Airport. There is a distance of 7 kilometers between the city center and the airport. You can take a taxi, rent a car or take advantage of private shuttles to access the center from the airport in the western part of the city.


It is possible to get to many parts of the city including the city center by taking one of the J1, JA, J1X or J3 lines among public transport buses called JetBus. These vehicles usually operate at fifteen minute intervals and arrive at the city center between fifteen and twenty minutes. It is worth noting that these buses have slightly higher ticket prices. If you get a single ticket, you can travel for two hours at no extra charge after your journey begins. If you are considering frequent use of public transport, it will be more cost-effective to collect from visitor cards which will allow you to enjoy unlimited public transport for three days.


With private shuttles organized by Skylink Adelaide Company, you have the option to travel to many parts of the city. Fares for this service may vary depending on the distance you are going. If you will be traveling close to the city center, Skylink shuttles offer a more affordable option than public transport. You can also get to the Keswick Intercity Train Station by these shuttles. It is also possible to use the shuttles known by the name Airport City Shuttle. These are available between 06:00 and 18:00 on weekdays and Saturdays, and between 06:00 and 17:00 on Sundays.


You can also take a taxi for a more comfortable ride. Taxi fares are not very different than buses. There are taxis waiting for you at the terminal exit.

Car Rental

It is also possible to rent a car from Rent a Car offices located at the terminal kiosks. You can also book your car online.

Weather in Adelaide

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 11ºC - Max 14ºC
FridayMin 10ºC - Max 16ºC
SaturdayMin 9ºC - Max 12ºC
SundayMin 7ºC - Max 12ºC
MondayMin 5ºC - Max 13ºC

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