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Agrinion, which is the largest city of the Aetolia - Acarnania Region in Greece, is the economical center of the region at the same time. There is a large ancient city located 3 km northeast of the city which is a very old settlement. Agrinion, which was once dominated by the Ottoman Empire, also has a significant Turkish population.

Tobacco farming was the main source of living until the end of the 20th century in Agrinion and today olive and products whose raw material is olive maintain the economy.

Agrinion is a city under the influence of Mediterranean climate. The short-lived winter season is rainy and warm. In summer, the temperature can exceed 40 degrees.

Archeological Museum located in the city center is one of the places to be visited by those interested in history. Agia Triada Mavrika Church dating back to the Byzantine period is a stone building in water and a spectacular historical structure. Lysimachia Lake which is located in 17 kilometers south of the city center is another beauty to be seen by the visitors of the city. You can enjoy the natural beauties and see the ancient ruins here. Gorge of Kleisoura is one of the places that make nature lovers happy. Agios Christoforos Church in the city center is one of the architectural symbols of the city.

In this typical Mediterranean city, you should absolutely taste the seafood. If you consume alcohol, Mythos, the local beer, and ouzo are the best accompaniment to the fresh seafood that you will taste in the city. Before leaving the city, you can buy the famous products of the city such as olive, olive oil and olive soap and give them as gifts to your loved ones.

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