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Alexander Bay is a city located in the western part of the Republic of South Africa, right on  the coastline of the South Atlantic Ocean. Directly to the north of the city lies the border with Namibia, with theboundary line being the Orange River. Spread out over a gulf, the city was founded for mining of the nearby diamond deposits, and the economy is still based on the mining industry today. Alexandrer Bay, located just outside the vast deserts of Namibia, is a very arid city, despite its proximity to a river and sea. The city receives almost no rain during the year. In the summer months the temperature can reach up to 40C. Differences between daylight and night temperature can be as high as 15C. During the day in the city, thin, cool but sun-protective clothing and accessories should be worm. Care must also be taken to consume plenty of water and keep the skin moist. There is not many entertainment options in the city, and the choice of restaurants, cafes and bars are also limited. From time to time safari tours can be organized and visitors can also take guided tours of the nearby diamond mines, including a visit to the Mining Museum. Alexander Bay Airport is approximately 9 km east of the city

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