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About Almeria

Almeria, which is situated in the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea and located in Andalusia Region, is a small but an attractive tourist destination. The city, which hosts traces belonging to the history of the Arab Civilization in Spain, is very close to Granada, the center of Andalusia and Alhambra Palace, the symbolic architectural wonder of the city. Almeria is a holiday city mainly developing thanks to sea tourism. There is a 1,5 km-long coastline in the city center. Situated between the volcanic mountains, the city has an architectural texture bearing the traces of the Arab culture rather than looking like a Spanish city. The most distinct characteristic structures of the city remain from the Umayyad period. The establishment of Almeria dates back to Umayyad Caliphate in 955. The magnificent Alcazaba Castle located on the hill overlooking the city is the second largest castle in the region after Alhambra. Almeria's most effective economic activity is based on greenhouse cultivation. The city, which hosts the world's largest greenhouse areas, takes place near the top among the largest vegetable and fruit exporters of Europe.

Almeria is home to the many famous Hollywood movies. Among the movies made in the natural surroundings of the city or in specially constructed sets, there are masterpieces of cinema history such as Cleopatra, Patton, Lawrence of Arabia and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Although Almeria is a small city, it is the “best” of Europe on certain topics. The only desert, the largest telescope, the largest nudist beach and the largest solar energy plant of Europe are located in this city. The most important tourist attractions of the city are the Mini Hollywood in desert region Tabernas, Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Alcazaba Castle, Almeria Cathedral, Santiago Church, Almeria Shelters, Chanca (rock houses) and Almeria Museum. Almeria, Europe's hottest and driest city, is under the influence of subtropical desert climate. Almeria Airport is 9 kilometers east of the city center.

Weather in Almeria

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 23ºC - Max 30ºC
FridayMin 22ºC - Max 31ºC
SaturdayMin 24ºC - Max 31ºC
SundayMin 23ºC - Max 36ºC
MondayMin 31ºC - Max 40ºC

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