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About Amderma

Amderma is a small settlement located in the north of Russia. Due to its location it has a cold climate year-round. Albeit limited, there is some agriculture done in the region; the locals generally tend to agriculture and animal husbandry. Industrial activity is also an important business in Amderma, although not as much as other regions located further south.

The nearby small industrial facilities that process forest products have a significant impact on commercial life in the region. Amderma is a waypoint between southern and northern Russia; it is a transfer center especially for those who are going to travel to the east of the country. The best time to visit the city and its surrounding areas is in June and July when the weather is a little warmer. 

Transportation to Amderma City Center from Airport


Amderma Airport

You can reach the city center from Amderma Airport, just a few kilometers away from the city center, in a short time with a taxi. There are no means of public transportation serving between the city and the airport.

Weather in Amderma

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 4ºC - Max 8ºC
MondayMin 1ºC - Max 4ºC
TuesdayMin 1ºC - Max 5ºC
WednesdayMin -1ºC - Max 6ºC
ThursdayMin -1ºC - Max 4ºC

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