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About American River

Although the name reminds one of American towns, American River is located on the world's only continent country of Australia. Located on Kangaroo Island, of the the 3 biggest islands in the country, American River is also historically an address of one of the first cities of settlement. The small airport located in the city ties the city to both Australia and the rest of the world with direct and connective flights. 
Especially during summer months, flooding with tourists who want a beach and sun vacation, there are facilites for all types of preferences. In places to be seen in and around the city, the one that stands out the most is the house made by Nils Ryberj who moved here from Europe. This place was once so famous that it almost became one of the most important symbols of the island. If you plan to come here during summer months, be sure to pack clothing to protect you from the sun and heat. 

Transportation to American River City Center from Airport


American River Airport

You can take the taxis after leaving the terminal of American River Airport, which is frequently used during summer season by those visiting the region, to get to the city center. Before landing at American River Airport, you can also book one of the local shuttles or rental cars and get one of these vehicles from the front of the terminal. Renting a car will let you to reach the city center of American River in a very short time and you will have the chance to see the natural beauty of the surrounding area with your own car.


American River Airport provides passengers landing here the opportunity to travel by taxi during the times when flights are operated. Taxis are fast vehicles that you can take without prior reservation tto get to American River city center. The fares are not very high if you travel at least in two. If you need to travel alone from the American River Airport to the center, you can use the shuttles departing from the terminal to have a more affordable journey, or you can contact the rental car companies serving the travelers in the region.

Car Rental

At American River Airport you can also rent a car that will provide you with access to the center during the times when flights are operated. You can get to American River city center by picking up the model you want online from rental cars provided by local companies for passengers coming to American River Airport from the terminal, at the predetermined time.

Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle service is provided to passengers only by private companies in and around American River. Airport shuttles are a convenient alternative to a taxi, especially if you cannot find a taxi in front of the terminal or if you need to travel a few passengers together. You can talk to the shuttle drivers and inform them about the place you want to go from the airport and travelling time, you can quickly travel to many places in the center by paying a fee that varies according to criteria mentioned.

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