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About Amman

Jordan’s largest city and capital Amman is notable for its population of 4 million. Besides tourists going for research purposes, the city isn’t very well known. Tourists who do visit the city say that they end up having more fun and discover more things than they expected to. In recent years Amman has rapidly developed and is compared to Gulf cities like Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Kuwait. Accordingly, it is becoming a popular tourism route along the Arabian Peninsula. In the summer the weather is 45 degrees, while in the winter it is 25 degrees and because of this tourists mostly prefer to come during the spring and winter.  The city features Jordan’s largest airport. Serving 12 million passengers a year, the Queen Alia International Airport can be accessed by many major cities. The city center surrounds Jabal Amman and the Abdoun Bridge. Buses are widely used for urban transportation as well as the rail system, due to the lack of metro lines. Souk Jara, the city’s local bazaar, stands out for being very popular among tourists who are shopping for both everyday items and souvenirs.

In addition to Amman’s history, its cuisine is also very impressive. So much so that the New York Times praised it for its ability to turn rich vegetables and spices into fine cuisine.  It is known as the motherland of the popular ‘falafel’. In short, Amman is a city that has created wonders by integrating both Arabic and Mediterranean culture in its cuisine. Among must-see sites are the King Hussein Mosque, Jabal Amman area, and the Temple of Hercules in the Amman Citadel. Unlike other Arab cities you can find many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the area, a fact that is related to the high number of western tourists.

Transportation to Amman City Center from Airport


Queen Alia Intl. Airport

Amman, the capital city of Jordan, has Queen Alia Airport, which is the largest airport in the country. The airport, which is located 30 kilometers from the city center, is the most important airport in Jordan. Transportation to the city center is very easy from Queen Alia Airport, which serves every kind of services for the convenience of passengers in the terminal buildings.

You can travel between the airport and the city center very easily in Amman, where basic transportation alternatives are at your service. Taxi, bus and car rental are among the transportation options you can prefer to reach the city center from Queen Alia Airport, which is 30 kilometers away from the city center.


You can get to the city center quickly from Queen Alia Airport by taking a taxi. Taxis in front of the terminal building can take you to the city center at an affordable cost. On the signboard right next to the taxi parking area, you can get information about the taxi fares which are determined by the Jordan Transportation Organization Council.


You can easily travel between the airport and Amman city center by the Sariyah buses which are offered by Queen Alia Airport. The Sariyah buses, which are a more affordable alternative compared to the taxi, pass through North Bus Station, Housing Bank Complex, Fourth Circle, Fifth Circle and Sevent Circle stops. The buses run between 6:30 am and 12 in the midnight and offer a safe journey for you.

Rent a car

Renting a car is another transportation option you can prefer. You can make an enjoyable journey to the city center by the cars you can rent from the car rental companies in the terminal building of Queen Alia Airport. Budget, Hertz, Payless, Europcar, Avis, National, and Thrifty are among the car rental companies you can choose from.

Weather in Amman

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 22ºC - Max 32ºC
FridayMin 22ºC - Max 32ºC
SaturdayMin 20ºC - Max 32ºC
SundayMin 20ºC - Max 33ºC
MondayMin 21ºC - Max 33ºC

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