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About Angelholm

Angelholm and Helsingborg are two cities located in the Skane region of Sweden. Angelholm has a population of about 21 thousand and Helsingborg has a population of about 135 thousand. There are trains from Angelholm and Helsingborg to Helsingborg and Malmö every two hours. Every hour, there are trains to Copenhagen and Gothenburg. Alicante, Stockholm and Visby can be reached from Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport.

One of the different places that can be visited in Angelholm is the UFO sculpture. This sculpture was built to represent the claim that an unidentified flying object had settled in this area on May 18, 1946. There are long beaches and numerous night clubs for summer activities. Despite being a small city, there are many shopping malls and restaurants serving pizza and Chinese food in the city.

The places to be visited in Helsingborg; Raus Kyrka Church, Ramlösa Brunnspark Park, famous for its mineral water, Helsingborg Castle, Sofiero Castle and Fredriksdal Museum. At Dunker's Culture House, as being more than just a museum, you can witness various concerts as well as different events related to art and history. In addition to these, Troipikariet is a zoo that you will find small but interesting. In the city, you can go for shopping on Kullagatan, Bruksgatan and Södra Storgatan streets. In Vala, located outside the city, there is the largest shopping center. Helsingborg is also known as the place having the best chefs of Sweden. Some of the places where the best foods are served; Brooklyn, Big Buddha, Restaurang Papadam, Restaurang Thai Corner, Haket Kök&Bar, Inom Mat&Bar.

Transportation to Angelholm City Center from Airport


Angelholm Helsingborg Airport

Regular transfers are performed from Ängelholm–Helsingborg Airport to Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport in Stockholm, which is the capital city of Sweden. Seasonal flights are also organized from the airport to Gotland in summer and to Mora in winter. To Turkey and the Azores, there are charter flights in certain periods. Buses are the mostly-preferred means of transportation to reach the train station near the airport and the city center from the airport. You can arrive at so many destinations in a short time by using the buses departing from the airport. You can also take a taxi at the exit of the terminal or consider the alternatives such as the rental cars at the airport to go to the city center.


It is not possible for you to travel by taking a train directly from the airport. However, you can reach the train station, which is not so far, by taking the airport buses waiting readily at the exit of the terminal and then continue your travel by switching to trains. Trains enable transportation with direct or indirect transfers to many spots of the country. Moreover, the prices of the train tickets can be considered reasonable when compared to many other vehicles. When you would like to obtain more information about the trains, you can call +46 771-777777 and find answers for many questions in your mind. 

Airport Bus

Airport buses, which you can take at the exit of the arriving passenger terminal, provide an economical and quick alternative of transportation. You can go to the train station and also a lot of significant corners in the city center by the airport buses.  Fees of the airport buses are generally not so high. In this way, you can reach wherever you would like to go from the airport without forcing your budget if you consider travelling by buses. If there are no buses for the place you want to go to, switching to another means of transportation after reaching the city center is also among the alternatives. 


You can also prefer travelling towards the city center by taking one of the taxis at the exit of Ängelholm–Helsingborg Airport. Airport taxis are quite comfortable and easy to take. If you have heavy stuff that you need to carry until the center when you land on the airport, you can take a taxi without waiting, and thus, you can reach your destination at the end of a comfortable journey. Taxis usually apply the pre-determined price tariff for specific destinations. If you would like to obtain information about the price of the distance you will cover, you can talk to the driver or get some help from the price tariff in front of the airport terminal. 

Car Rental

It is possible for you to reach the city center by preferring one of the numerous international car rental companies at the airport. You can get information when you call +46 431-24 175 for AVIS, which is one of the car rental companies at the airport. You can reserve your car beforehand by calling +46 431-45 85 50 for Europcar or you can complete your car renting procedure easily by getting information from +46 431-24 270 for Hertz, +46 431-80 460 for Sixt and +46 431-16 919 for MABI. 

Weather in Angelholm

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 16ºC - Max 29ºC
MondayMin 17ºC - Max 21ºC
TuesdayMin 12ºC - Max 22ºC
WednesdayMin 15ºC - Max 21ºC
ThursdayMin 15ºC - Max 20ºC

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