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About Asmara

Asmara, which is the capital of Eritrea, Northeast Africa country and one of the most important cities of the region, is a small city. The city, which was under the influence of the Italians and British for many years, maintained its development after gaining its independence and became one of the most important centers of the region.

The city is also known as the “Little Rome” with its historical squares and fascinating structures built during the Italian dominance. In the city, which is located on one of the developed transportation networks, there is a large train station connecting the city to Massawa. This station was built by the Italians.

Although Muslims constitute the majority in the city, Catholics and a small number of Orthodox also live in the city. The best time to visit the city, where the weather can be very hot and overwhelming in the summer months, is April and May when the weather is around 20 degrees. The Enda Mariam Church, Independence Monument, Great Mosque and Eritrean National Museum are among the must-see places in the city.

Transportation to Asmara City Center from Airport


Asmara International Airport

You can easily reach the center of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, from the airport, which is two kilometers southwest of the city, by taking a taxi, or a bus as a more comfortable option. While the taxis operate at every hour of the day, the buses operate only in certain intervals. Standard services are offered to passengers at Asmara Airport from where you can find regular flights to centers like Dubai, Cairo and Taif.  


You can reach the city center easily independent of the day and hour you are travelling on by taking a taxi from Asmara International Airport. Asmara Airport is only two kilometers away from the city center and the journey which lasts short by taxi is not costly. It would cost around 400 Nakfa to come to the city center from the airport by taxi. You can also include a tip if you wish.


The buses at Asmara International Airport operate between 6 am and 9 pm. Departing from the terminal, the buses take their passengers to the center of Asmara in a very short time. If you are aiming to a take a bus from Asmara International Airport, it might be useful to have local currency with you. In this way, you can take a bus as soon as you exit the terminal without the need to wait and reach Asmara city center after a short and affordable ride.

Car Rental

Car rental is not a frequently used option at Asmara Airport. Despite this, you can still prefer renting a car and driving to the Asmara city center with your rental car. For this, you can look for the car rental options at the airport before coming to Asmara and book a car at affordable prices.

Hotel Shuttle  

While the hotels in Asmara city center usually do not offer a shuttle service given the proximity of the airport to the city center, you can still contact your hotel in advance to get information about the hotel shuttle options. If your hotel in Asmara city center is offering a shuttle service, you can book in advance and reach the city center after taking your shuttle from the terminal of Asmara International Airport.

Weather in Asmara

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 16ºC - Max 21ºC
FridayMin 16ºC - Max 19ºC
SaturdayMin 15ºC - Max 21ºC
SundayMin 16ºC - Max 20ºC
MondayMin 15ºC - Max 20ºC

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