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About Astrakhan

Astrakhan, located in the southeast of the Russian Federation, has been one of the most important industrial and commercial centers in the region since it was founded. Among the most important sites to see in the city, which reflects classic Russian culture very well, is the Astrakhan Kremlin Fortress, which was home to legendary Russian rulers like Ivan the Terrible, and the Cathedral of the Assumption, which is part of the castle.

Another thing to do in the city is enjoy shopping at the markets and stalls that are set up on particular days of the week. When it comes to eating and drinking, the city offers the most outstanding examples of traditional Russian cuisine; one of the most delicious things to eat is the fish, evident by the many fish farms and fish processing plants located in the city. 

Transportation to Astrakhan City Center from Airport


Narimanovo - Boris M. Kustodiev Intl. Airport

Astrakhan, the administrative center and capital city of the Astrakhan Oblast in the Russian Federation, is situated in the valley where the Volga River meets the Caspian Sea. The city of Astrakhan consists of a large number of small and big islands, which are connected to each other more than thirty bridges. It is also a complete port city with its physical structure. ıt can also be said that Astrakhan is a big industrial city for the region.

The city is especially famous for its watermelon and a fun festival is held during the harvest time. Fish and fishing are also very important for Astrakhan. The fish festival held in April brings many enthusiasts to this city from around the world. Art and cultural events are an indispensable part the of life in the city.

In addition, the city is also known as a student city thanks to many universities and higher education institutions it has. If you are going to travel to the city in July and August, you can also visit the magnificent Lotus Valley on Volga River. It is very comfortable to walk around the center of this small city, which is formed by more than ten islands connected to each other by bridges. As an alternative, renting a bike is also a highly preferred way of transportation.

If you want to explore the city more comfortably, you can take a guided tour thanks to special sightseeing buses. Although buses are used for public transportation, it is also possible to take advantage of sea transportation in this port city. You can easily get a taxi in the city center. Taximeters are available in the taxis and you are charged based on the distance covered.

If you want to go to Astrakhan from Moscow, there are train services connecting Astrakhan and Moscow between May and September. If you have enough time, you can also get to Moscow via the Volga River in 10 days by ships and experience an unforgettable river journey. It is also possible to make this journey by car you can rent.

If you have rented a car, you can go down to the Volga side and take a trip to Astrakhan's famous watermelon fields and also visit the Watermelon Museum. You can also make this trip by private tourist buses. There is no public transport system from Astrakhan Naromanovo International Airport to the city center. Taxi and car rental are the transportation alternatives you can choose from. If your hotel offers airport transfer service, you can also take advantage of this service as another option.

You can reach the city center from the airport in less than half an hour under normal traffic conditions.


There is a taxi stand at the exit of the airport and it is open 24 hours a day during the week. You can reach the city center from the airport easily and comfortably in 25 minutes on average.

Rent a car

You can make your travel special and comfortable both for transportation to the city center and your trip by renting a car from the offices of car rental companies at the airport. Although Astrakhan is a small city which is very convenient to explore by walking or biking, car rental is a very popular alternative for those who want to visit the islands or travel to the watermelon fields. You can reach the city center from the airport in about 25 minutes by renting a car. You just need to drive through P214 road to get to the city center.

Hotel Shuttles

Although all hotels don't offer transfer services, some hotels in Astrakhan provide airport shuttle services for their guests. You can get to the hotel you are going to stay quickly without any problem thanks to these special transfer services that meet you at the airport if you make a reservation in advance.

Weather in Astrakhan

DayMin - Max
TuesdayMin 24ºC - Max 36ºC
WednesdayMin 21ºC - Max 26ºC
ThursdayMin 19ºC - Max 30ºC
FridayMin 20ºC - Max 33ºC
SaturdayMin 22ºC - Max 33ºC

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