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About Baghdad

Baghdad is one of the largest cities in the Middle East and is also the capital of Iraq. Baghdad means God’s playground in Farsi. Even though its name has become synonymous with war and explosions today, the city is albeit slowly trying to erase the traces of war. Among places to visit in the city are the Abbasid Palace, the Sharabi School (Baghdad College), the Golden-Domed Mosque, National Museum of Iraq, Damascus Square, and the zoo. Baghdad was once a magnificent city but the long years of war has taken its toll. The city is trying to rebuild many parts of it that were destroyed.

In Baghdad summers are hot and dry while winters are mild, with occasional rainfall. The best time to visit and explore the city is during the spring and winter months. You can find many delicious eating and drinking options in Baghdad, a city that has been the capital to many different civilizations. Enjoy meat and pastry delicacies that are a mixture of Persian and Arabic cuisine.

For shopping we recommend checking out the handmade crafts and hand-woven carpets. Flights from New York to Baghdad have at least one stop and take at least 15 hours. Flights from London to Baghdad have at least one stop and take at least 7 hours. The Baghdad International Airport is around 16 km from the city center, which you can reach by taxi. 

Transportation to Baghdad City Center from Airport


Baghdad Intl. Airport

Baghdad does not have a developed public transportation network and vehicles, so transportation from one point to another is usually provided by taxi or private vehicles. There are also armored passenger buses that provide transportation services in the city, where taxis and private vehicles are recommended, especially for safety reasons.

It is more convenient and safer to use a taxi or car rental services instead of using buses and similar public transportation vehicles while traveling to the city from Baghdad Airport, which is 16 kilometers away from the Baghdad city centre.


The safest and the most comfortable way for transportation in Baghdad is to use taxis. In the city, where shared taxis are also quite common, traveling to city centre from the airport by taxi is the most economical option. As the prices are usually determined by mileage, it is a good idea to bargain with the taxi driver.

Baghdad Airport is 16 kilometers away from the city centre, and a journey by taxi takes about 20-25 minutes. It is also possible to use the private taxis, which can be found at the exit of the terminal building, or the taxis operated by the airport. If you want to reach the city centre by taxi from Baghdad Airport, you need to pay around 37.000 Iraqi Dinars. You can make a pre-reservation before coming to the Baghdad Airport by calling the company PNK Taxi (+964-750-633-7700).


Buses are also a popular public transportation vehicle like taxis, and they provide transportation service to many locations in Baghdad. There are airport transfer coaches that go directly to the city centre from Baghdad Airport. Compared to taxis, using these buses are much more affordable. It is quite easy to get bus tickets from the airport terminal building. There are also express buses which has regular runs between the airport and Baghdad city centre.

Rent a Car

You can choose one of the world’s leading rent a car companies such as Hertz, Europcar or Avis at the airport terminal and by making a pre-reservation, you can rent a car at more affordable prices.

As the roads in Baghdad are quite well-maintained and convenient, tourists usually turn to rent a car companies. After carrying out the procedures at the Baghdad Airport terminal, you can drive to the city centre in 20-25 minutes in your rented car.

Weather in Baghdad

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 33ºC - Max 46ºC
FridayMin 33ºC - Max 44ºC
SaturdayMin 31ºC - Max 43ºC
SundayMin 32ºC - Max 44ºC
MondayMin 30ºC - Max 46ºC

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