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About Banjul

Banjul, formerly Bathurst, is the capital of Gambia, an African country. Compared to other African capitals, the city has a calm atmosphere, with a population of only 40,000. Surrounded by marshes, the city is built on an island. For this reason, it is difficult for the city to grow and develop. Outside the island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Serekunda city on the mainland is much more developed and crowded than the capital. At the time of its foundation the city was named after Henry Bathurst, one of the English colonists; it later acquired its current name, meaning "bamboo island". The city is usually warm. No significant temperature differences are seen throughout the year, and the temperatures usually range between 30-34 degrees Celsius.

Activities in the city are also very limited. You can visit the Albert Market, where you can buy tropical fruit, or visit bigger cities like Serekunda. Another alternative is to sunbathe on the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and swim. Banjul International Airport, which is the only airport in the city, usually has flights to other African capitals.

Transportation to Banjul City Center from Airport


Banjul International Airport

From Banjul International Airport, which serves in the capital city of Gambia, Banjul, you can take a taxi, which are always available out in front of the terminal, or one of the other alternatives such as a shuttle, bus and rental car. Transportation costs in the city are generally not very high and taximeters are not available in taxis. You can find out the average fare you will pay for taxi or shuttle services by meeting with the drivers in advance, and you can choose one of the VIP vehicles if you wish.


At Banjul International Airport it is possible to find a taxi at suitable times for all flights. By using the green and yellow taxis at the airport you can have a comfortable journey to the city center of Banjul. There are usually no taximeters in Banjul taxis, but you can learn the pre-determined fares for certain distances from the taxi drivers in advance and then travel to the center by taxi. The cost of a taxi from the airport to the center in Banjul varies between 200-300 Gambian Dalasi. If you pay in a foreign currency you should also remember that the taxi fare may increase at Banjul Airport. If you need to travel from the airport to places such as Kotu, Koloi or Bakau, you can take advantage of taxis by paying 400-500 Gambian Dalasi.

Airport Shuttle

Those staying in Banjul and nearby hotels can book shuttles in advance and complete their journey to the center of Banjul with these comfortable vehicles departing from Banjul International Airport. By contacting the hotel you are staying at, you can make a reservation for the shuttles departing from the terminal of Banjul International Airport and you can get on the service and travel to the center without the need for a taxi or other alternative vehicles at the exit of the terminal. It is also possible to make reservations for airport shuttles in Banjul online.

Rental Car

If you prefer to rent a car from the airport in the capital of Gambia to the center, in advance you can call the Hertz office on +220/9903919. If you decide to rent a car after you have landed at the airport, you can get help from the car rental offices located at Banjul International Airport.

VIP Services

It is also possible to find more comfortable and exclusive vehicle options such as VIP services at Banjul International Airport. From here you can rent both minibus type luxury vehicles and limousines. The vehicles that you can use by booking in advance provide a safe, fast and relaxing journey to the center of Banjul. You can reserve a VIP shuttle vehicle before landing at the airport by researching on the internet in advance and when you reach the terminal of Banjul International Airport, you can find your car ready.

Private Vehicle

Banjul International Airport has a car park for 200 vehicles and a sufficient number of waiting areas for passengers traveling by private vehicles. You can travel to Banjul city center without difficulty by driving your car, but visitors who are unfamiliar with the city are recommended to travel with their relatives.

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