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About Basrah

Located in the south of Iraq, Basra is the country’s second largest city and the only city in the country that has access to the sea. The economy of this major port city relies on trade, and the export of goods like oil, cement, and palm oil. Most of the locals are involved in animal husbandry.

Basra has a desert climate due to its geographical location, which is a feature that attracts tourists. The weather conditions can vary seasonally and regionally. Mountainous areas, date palm trees, pistachio trees and pine trees are all distributed in a balanced manner. Date palm trees are spread all over the city. The subject of several stories throughout history, Basra is famous for its hamams, churches, and historic Basra homes. The main character from Arabian Nights, Sinbad the sailor’s island was in Basra. The Sayyed Ali al-Musawi Mosque and the Latin Church, located on the 14th of July Street, are among the city’s main tourist attractions; as well as the remnants of famous poet Badr Shakir al-Sayyab’s home. Basra cuisine is quite diverse.

Throughout history the cuisine has been influenced by many civilizations like the Sumerians, Persians, and Greeks. The city center serves more traditional cuisine but you will be able to find fast-food options as well. The Basra Flower Festival and Poetry Festival are among the city’s most important events. 

Transportation to Basrah City Center from Airport


Basrah Intl. Airport

Although there is no public transport from Basra Airport to the city center, the airport has shuttle service. You can also go take a taxi if you wish. If you know someone in Basra, do not hesitate to ask them to pick you up at the airport. The hotels do not provide a shuttle service.


There is always a taxi at the airport. But taxis do not have taximeters and drivers can demand very high fares. You must agree and negotiate in advance about where you will go. It is possible to reach the city center in half an hour by taxi.


Shuttle services are arranged at the airport every day of the week. The services do not have a standard departure schedule, but they are departing according to the aircraft's landing time.

Weather in Basrah

DayMin - Max
TuesdayMin 34ºC - Max 47ºC
WednesdayMin 35ºC - Max 49ºC
ThursdayMin 35ºC - Max 48ºC
FridayMin 35ºC - Max 49ºC
SaturdayMin 35ºC - Max 48ºC

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