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Tuvalu, one of the world's smallest countries in terms of population and land area, is a South Pacific nation known as a Polynesian country because the majority of its population consists of Polynesians. Additionally, European immigrants and Micronesians also live in the country.
As an economically weak nation, a significant portion of Tuvalu's population sustains their livelihoods through agriculture and fishing, while many young people in the country contribute to their families' income by engaging in temporary work in different countries around the world.
Tuvalu, bordered by Kiribati, Fiji islands, and Samoa, is situated in the middle of Australia and Hawaii. Due to the country's proximity to sea level, Tuvalu is at the center of the threat of global warming, experiencing a tropical climate. Tuvalu witnesses normal temperature values between March and November, while December and February bring a rainy and cool transitional climate. With temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year, occasional tropical storms can cause destruction.
The capital, Funafuti, where the Fetu Ao Lima Church, considered sacred by the indigenous people, is located, consists of more than twenty islands of varying sizes. Funafuti, which carries traces of the occupation and devastation during World War II, houses museums established to convey the negative effects of the war to the public. Also serving as a tourist city, Funafuti hosts unique activities such as water sports and ocean tours.
In this sparsely urbanized country, Nanumanga and Nanumea stand out as other cities worth visiting. Despite having a small population and struggling with poverty, Tuvalu makes efforts to raise awareness and unite the people through festivals. Bombed by the Japanese during World War II, the country conveys the events of those dark days to the youth during the festival held every April 23rd. While the people enjoy music and dances, they come together not to forget those painful moments.
On October 1st, symbolizing Tuvalu's independence, grand celebrations take place. Participants in the Independence Day festival, featuring the country's renowned artists, enjoy music and entertainment to the fullest.
Tuvalu claims to produce the world's most delicious bananas and coconuts. In Tuvalu, you have the opportunity to taste a variety of tropical fruits. The country's cuisine is characterized by dishes made with fish and pork, and don't forget to drink coconut milk while savoring these unique flavors.

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