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Ukraine, Eastern Europe's largest country, with Kyiv as the capital and largest city, shares borders with Russia, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova. Other notable cities include Odesa and Lviv. Ukraine follows a semi-presidential system and was once part of the Soviet Union.
The official language is Ukrainian, which translates to 'borderland' in the Slavic language. Other commonly spoken languages include Russian, Romanian, and Polish. Besides Ukrainians, the country is home to various ethnic groups, including Russians, Moldovans, Belarusians, and Bulgarians. Crimean Tatars, residing in the southern part of the country, represent a Muslim community. The predominant religious belief in Ukraine is Orthodoxy, but there are also smaller communities of Catholics and Muslims.
The country experiences a predominantly temperate continental climate, transitioning to a harsher continental climate as you move north. Winter temperatures can drop below freezing, while in spring and summer, especially in the south, temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. The ideal time to visit Ukraine is during the summer months, from June to late August. The winter months, like January and February, can be challenging due to the low temperatures, particularly in the northern regions.
Ukraine has abundant natural gas and other underground resources, and its industrial and commercial sectors are well-developed. Tourism is a contributor to the economy, with major cities such as Kyiv drawing a substantial number of domestic and international tourists annually.
Russian influence is visible in everyday life, especially in Ukrainian cuisine. The most famous Ukrainian dishes include borscht soup, commonly consumed in Slavic cultures, and chicken and meat dishes often served with potatoes. Delicious chicken meatballs known as 'Kievski' are prepared using chicken meat. Ukrainian cuisine also features pelmeni (a type of dumpling) and fish such as sturgeon and mackerel, which are popular choices. 
Kyiv, one of the world's greenest capitals, has a few unique features, such as the prohibition of tree cutting. Must-visit places in Kyiv include Independence Square, the city's primary gathering point, and Khreshchatyk Street, which stretches over a kilometer and is at the center. The mesmerizing Cave Monastery, with its historic architecture and green domes, and the Golden Gate, are also must-visit sights. If you are a history enthusiast, you can explore the historic Podil district. If you have a few days in the city, you can visit the Kyiv Botanical Garden, the family-friendly Kyiv Zoo, and the Second World War Museum.
In Ukraine, cities such as Kyiv, the capital, and Odesa have vibrant nightlife scenes that extend into the early morning hours. These lively entertainment options draw tourists from all corners of the globe. Ukraine's reasonable prices and wide selection of alcoholic drinks make it a popular destination for people from neighboring countries, Europe, and beyond who are seeking a great time.

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