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Yemen is located on the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula along the Red Sea, shares borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman, and has coastlines along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Sana is the capital, the largest, and the most developed city. 
The country's population is nearly 32 million, with a vast majority of land consisting of extensive desert, while the remaining areas are fertile lands for agriculture. Yemen shares many characteristics with typical Arab countries and relies significantly on its oil and other underground resources for its economy.
Yemen is rich in coal, lead, gold, and marble, but agriculture is also a crucial economic activity, with crops like bananas, dates, cotton, grains, and various fruits and vegetables being exported.
The population of Yemen consists primarily of Arab ethnic groups, with other ethnicities originating mainly from Asian, European, and Indian immigrant workers.
Yemen's population is predominantly Muslim with small Christian and Jewish communities exist. Although the country has a younger population, the literacy rate and the overall standard of living in Yemen are notably lower compared to developed countries.
The geographical location and topography significantly influence the climate, with Yemen primarily experiencing a desert climate and frequent sandstorms throughout the year.
Due to its hot climate throughout the year, the ideal time to visit Yemen is in winter. During winter, the weather is not extremely cold, making it more comfortable to walk around the streets compared to the scorching summer months.
Yemen's rich history and cultural heritage reflect the influence of various civilizations, including the Sasanians, Umayyads, Ayyubids, Ottomans, and the British. You can trace the historical richness and cultural heritage all over the country.
Despite its historical and cultural appeal, Yemen has faced recent conflicts, leading to the suspension of direct flights from many countries. For the safety of foreign visitors, it is essential to travel with local guides and avoid venturing into unsafe areas during your visit to Yemen.

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