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About Libya

Located in North Africa, Libya has some of the continent's widest borders, sharing borders with countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Chad, Sudan, and Niger. The capital, Tripoli, is the largest and most developed city in Libya.
The name "Libya" has roots in the ancient Egyptian term "Lebu," which refers to the people living west of the Nile River. Formerly named the "Libyan Arab Socialist People's Republic," the country changed its name to the State of Libya after the end of the Gaddafi regime.
Despite its vast territories, Libya has a relatively small population of around 6,7 million. The indigenous people of Libya are Berber-origin tribes. While there are not many, migrants from various Arab countries, especially Egypt, also reside in Libya. Other communities living in the country include Chinese, Bangladeshis, and Filipinos.
Throughout history, Libya has attracted the attention of many civilizations, and you can encounter traces of past civilizations such as the Phoenicians, Carthage, Rome, and the Ottoman Empire.
Arabic is the official language in Libya. However, the Berber language is also widely used, especially in the vast desert areas. The official currency is the Libyan Dinar. You can also make payments in euros and dollars in taxis in some cities, including the capital, Tripoli, and other tourist centers.
Almost the entire population of Libya resides in major cities within the northern part. Along with the capital Tripoli, Benghazi, and El Bayda are other cities that host a significant portion of Libya's population. The Mediterranean climate prevails along the coastal regions of northern Libya, while the inland areas, surrounded by vast deserts, experience a harsh desert climate. The temperature differences between day and night in these desert regions are very high. The country experiences high temperatures during the summer, while winters are generally more temperate. If you plan to visit Libya during this period, it is advised to pack clothing that can protect you against the cold.
Libya's economy is mainly shaped by oil and natural gas. The country also grows many crops in coastal agricultural areas, including citrus fruits like dates, oranges, tangerines, grape varieties, cereals, and olives. Olives play a dual role as a fruit and a raw material for products like olive oil and soap. Fish and seafood are also significant contributors to the economy and are essential in Libyan cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Libya airfares?

When you search for flights to Libya, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can take off from. You can see all Libya flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

Which airlines have flights to Libya?

Afriqiyah Airways, Libyan Airlines, Egyptair, Tunisair, Hahn Air, Air Cairo, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Tunisair Express organize flights to Libya.

To which Libya cities are there direct flights from the USA?

Libya cities with direct flights from the USA: Benghazi, Misurata, Tripoli.

Which airlines have direct flights to Libya?

Airlines that offer direct flights to Libya: Afriqiyah Airways, Libyan Airlines, Egyptair, Tunisair, Hahn Air, Tunisair Express.

Which are the most popular Libya airports?

The most popular airports in Libya: Benina Intl., Mitiga Intl., Misrata, Tripoli Intl..

Which are the most popular Libya cities?

Most popular Libya cities: Benghazi, Misurata, Tripoli.