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Albacete, located in the Castilla La Mancha region in the south of Spain, is also the capital of the province of Albacete. The city was originally named “Al-basit” during the Al-Andulus times and means “The Flat” in Arabic. Albacete has two nature reserves and presents different townscapes with the prairies of Castilla La Mancha and the highlands of Segura and Alcaraz. In September, the season starts with the festivals in the city so that you can enjoy warm and sunny weather during the festivities. Every year city’s population quadruples with the Feria de Albacete between September 7-17, where people can experience bullfights, fireworks, and dance shows.

Located in the inner parts of Spain, Albacete is founded in 1269, Alto de Villa is recognized as the historical part whereas Villa de Abajo is considered the modern part of the city. The St John the Baptist Cathedral, with its 400 years old gothic architecture, is known as the city’s most glorious structure, and a variety of artwork exhibitions are available in the cathedral’s museum. You can see the best examples of architecture in Tejares Street and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine in La Zonai, Los Titis, and El Campus.  For shopping, there are many local and international shops, and every Tuesday, you can find all the local products in the Los Invasores bazaar.  Albacete is also very popular for the nightlife and you can experience lively parties till the morning.

Albacete is one of the most important markets in Spain for fruit and saffron production. Its economy is mainly based on agriculture, and industrial textile, helicopter montage, and metallurgical products are other sources of income.  Albacete is famous for its original knife and dagger craftsmanship in Spain. The main campus of the University of Castilla la Mancha is located in Albacete and over 10.000 students live in the city.

The nearest airport is the Albacete Airport and it is approximately 6 kilometers from the city center. For transportation from the airport to the city center, public transit and taxis are available.

Transportation to Albacete City Center from Airport


Albacete Airport

Having one of the most deep-rooted histories of Spain and also a great importance for the industry of the country, Albacete established Albacete Airport for intercity and international flights. It is just 6 kilometres to the city centre. The passengers of Albacete Airport have to take a taxi since there is no public transport service.


White cars of Radiotaxi, the only authorized company in Albacete Airport serve during 24 hours nonstop. Taxis arrive the city centre from the airport within 15 minutes at the very latest. Taxis use increased tariff during night, weekends or public holidays. 

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